Know what to do in case of a tornado

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

As the UNC Charlotte community witnessed a few weeks ago, tornadoes can come unexpectedly with hardly any heads up. Since tornado season came a little early this year, now is a great time to review safety information on the Emergency Management website to keep you ready, alert and secure. 

Be prepared:

  • Watch the Seek Shelter safety video.

  • Know the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning

  • Monitor the weather for your location. This will keep you up to date on any potential weather outbreaks. 

  • Know the warning signs. Signs that indicate a tornado are dark sky, large hail, low-lying, potentially rotating cloud and loud roar. 

  • Be proactive: identify a place to seek shelter in advance. 

Learn what to do in the case of a tornado warning:

  • If you are indoors, stay there. If you are outside, seek shelter immediately. 

  • Go to the lowest interior room without windows. 

  • Seek shelter under a desk or sturdy table. 

  • If a tornado warning occurs on campus, a NinerAlert, which will include a seek shelter directive, will be issued. The university sirens will also sound to alert you.

Know what to do after a tornado warning has passed:

  • Once the severe weather has passed after a tornado warning, the University will issue an all-clear notice.

  • When leaving your shelter, be extra cautious. There may be compromise structures, broken glass, debris and other hazards. 

  • Report any injuries to campus police at 704-687-2200 or by using a blue light phone.

  • Stay out of any building if you smell gas. If you think you smell gas, call campus police immediately at 704-687-2200.

  • Do not touch downed tree limbs or wires, as they may still be live.

  • If you notice an on-campus power outage or structural damage from the storm, call Facilities Management at 704-687-0562.

Visit Emergency Management’s website to learn more about staying prepared, university plans, winter weather and safety videos

Story: Jordan Estabrook