Interview: Derik Screen

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Derik Screen, financial services reporting analyst, learned how to adjust to the new normal and redefine family life. Learn what Screen did in the Q&A below.

What have you been doing during this at-home time to improve your health, whether physically, spiritually or mentally? Why did you decide to do it?

Our 2020 quarantine experience has not been business as usual. We’ve all been forced to adjust our lives to a new normal. For our family, learning how to quarantine together, do remote school, and remote work has been very mentally challenging. We decided that we would make the best of our time together by enjoying more activities outdoors. We’ve been visiting state parks such as Crowders Mountain and Lake Norman State Park. We take bike rides together during our kids’ remote school as a brain break and have been eating healthier with more home-cooked meals. We’ve taken advantage of curbside pickup and amazon fresh delivery services.

 What is/was the most challenging part of it? 

My 2020 quarantine experience overall has been rewarding because my family was able to become closer. It has given me a chance to be involved with my family at the highest level yet.

What would you say to encourage your colleagues during this time?

I would suggest making goals, such as eating more natural foods. Make it a priority to get outside for fresh air or physical activity several times a day and show people you care and be accountable to our social responsibility to keep COVID-19 from spreading more.

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