Get to know: Jordan Estabrook

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

For the past semester, Jordan Estabrook ‘19 has served as an intern with the Business Affairs Communications Team. She has been responsible for content development, print and electronic design and photography. She received her bachelor’s degree in communications with a concentration in public relations during Saturday’s afternoon commencement ceremony. (Way to go, Jordan!) Get to know her a little more in the Q&A below. 

Why did you choose UNC Charlotte? 
I knew the University was a good school and that it was affordable. It was important to me to graduate with no debt if possible. I knew that by choosing UNC Charlotte, I would get a great education while being able to live at home, which enabled me to maintain my photography business. However, while I made a financial decision to attend UNC Charlotte, it became a personal experience. I have professors who have been crucial to my career choice and success, specifically Dr. Tiffany Gallicano. 

What drew you to the communications field?
I have had my own wedding photography company for several years and I was advised to go into communication as a natural extension of that. I didn’t really want to do advertising or marketing, even though they are related fields. I liked the idea of communicating with your public much more. Now, what I love most is the strategy aspect of communications. I think what we do is often underrated. People overlook the strategy it takes to make sure a message is received across multiple audiences. 

Where do you hope to be in five years? 
I don’t have a specific vision. I would like to be working somewhere doing in-house PR. I really want to find an organization where I am on the same page with the company, sharing the same values. I know I am going to have to climb the ladder for a little while, but I think you have to do that to appreciate what you have. Of course, I hope to still be incorporating photography in my life, too. 

What is your guiding philosophy in life? 
If you are too busy for people, you may be too busy. I like to have a lot on my plate, but never at the expense of my friends and family. I keep specific times open on my calendar to connect with the people who are important to me. The task in front of you may be easily forgotten, but the impact you have on people never will. 

What is a fun fact others may not know about you?
I have been roller skating since I was four years old. I think it’s a great way to blow of steam, and I still go to the rink the second Friday of every month. 

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence? 
I love photography, this school, my family and writing!

Interview: Christy Jackson
Photography: NiCole Lynch