About the Associate Vice Chancellor


Rich Steele assumed the role of associate vice chancellor for business services on July 1, 2019. He is responsible for the overall administration and strategic leadership for campus food service (meal plans, retail dining, catering, concessions and convenience stores), bookstores and other campus retail operations, reprographic services, vending and ATMs, mail and package services, licensing and trademark management, 49er ID card services, and parking and transportation services.

Steele served the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) for thirty-one years, beginning as a student center associate program director for entertainment and advancing to senior director of auxiliary services. As senior director, he was responsible for the management and oversight of dining and catering, bookstores, student centers and activities, mail services, special-event venues, retail and vending services, and childcare services.

He also served as the interim associate vice chancellor for campus enterprises at N.C. State University.

Steele holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Georgia Tech. A Certified Auxiliary Services Professional (CASP), he also holds certifications in business management and customer service.


Q: What attracted you to the AVC Business Services role?
A: I had the opportunity to visit Charlotte many years ago and I was impressed with the direction, trajectory and aspirations of the University. Then I came back in October 2018, when I heard that Keith was retiring and found the campus to be incredibly student-centric. Overall, I was very impressed with the campus, the facilities, the people, the departments, and what was happening in Business Services.

Q: What is your favorite career accomplishment?
A: It’s not a thing, nor an honor or recognition. Seeing people you work with or supervise advance in their career and continue to ask you for advice, guidance or to serve as a reference, that’s my greatest accomplishment. I love to support people as they progress.

Contact Information

Phone: 704-687-5747
Email: Rich.Steele@uncc.edu