Business Affairs employees share work-from-home wisdom

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

As many of us are adjusting to working from home, we gave you the opportunity to share what you’ve learned with your Business Affairs colleagues, whether it’s showing us your home office space or a few sentences of wisdom and/or tips for working from home. Take a look at what your Business Affairs colleagues shared from the comfort of home! (Editors note: some responses have been edited for length or clarity.)


Workday/school day brings our family closer together. As challenging as it may be at times it is rewarding to be present as part of our kids’ curriculum and to be able to show them how to be diligent in your work by example.
--Derik Screen, financial services reporting analyst, Technical Operations and Planning (photo top left)


My current work from home set up! 
--Cathleen Mosel, learning and organizational development specialist, Human Resources (left)





This is new and unprecedented territory for everyone. WebEx, Google Meet, and Zoom are part of our everyday vernacular now ("Hi, can you hear me?"). Here's some WFH tips I'm trying to live by on repeat: For a mega introvert like me, it's important to remember to get out of the void I'm living in. I do this by checking in with others with a quick "Hi, how's it going?" to stay connected and provide support where needed. I am trying to over communicate and provide more context as to what's happening and why as my project schedules and priorities shift. In general, keep moving, keep laughing, get some fresh air, be kind to and patient with yourself and others (smile!).

Don't forget to keep your workspace organized (and put away what you're able to at the end of the day/week if you're working in a multi-purpose space like a kitchen to help separate your work and home life) and occasionally change your sweatpants. Allow your new coworkers, whoever they may be, space to co-exist. Also, noise-canceling headphones. Like this post I saw on social media said, 'kinda starting to understand why pets try to run out of the house when the front door opens.' Happy Blursday the fortyteenth of Maprilay! 
--Lisa Dooley, business process analyst, Financial Services (right)

What I learned working from home:

  • All tasks for my position can easily be completed teleworking

  • Less stressful work days

  • Quieter work environment

  • I don't have to get up so early, so I feel more rested

  • Huge gas savings and less wear and tear on my vehicle 

  • More time at home with family (no two hour commute)

  • More focused on task with less distractions

  • I really need two monitors so I hooked up one of my TV's as a monitor (I am more techy than I knew, thanks to YouTube)

--Annette Heller, purchasing card administrator, Financial Services


So in not knowing how long we will be quarantined, I decided I wanted to make a space that would serve my needs AND be as comfortable as possible. Very pleased with my set up and thankful I am still able to perform my job duties from home. Working remotely and being isolated from the rest of the world really teaches you to appreciate what you do have. During this chaotic time I am doing my best to stay positive and enjoy the little things.
--Kara Killough, general fund budget analyst, Financial Services (left)



Benefits of working from home:

  • No makeup

  • Sweatpants

  • Short commute

  • Snacks always convenient

  • New co-workers!

Work challenges! 

  • New co-workers!

--Julie Hughs, vendor relations manager, Financial Services (right)


My advice is to surround yourself with things that bring you joy. Find joy in your pets making little warm spaces under your feet as you work or the noise of family members and loved ones shuffling about the house. Find joy in warm coffee sipped from a real cup and not from a travel mug. Find joy in flowers and pictures of your loved ones and ...wearing your favorite comfy clothes of course. In all things find joy, even in what seems the worst of times or those most difficult. Find joy in helping others and being kind...from whatever office you occupy...and especially your own home office.
--Krista Collins, learning and development specialist, Facilities Management (left)






What I have learned working from home:

  • I am able to complete all Purchasing Card duties at home without having to travel to the University.
  • I am able to answer all telephone calls using call forward on my personal cell phone - more personal and private since I am not in a cubicle where everyone can hear the conversation
  • I am able to answer all email correspondence from home
  • I am able to communicate with my supervisor -- and anyone for that matter using Google Webex.
  • Less physical non work related interruptions
  • The opportunity to be more active while working without cost to the University (walking on a treadmill while working) which would result in weight loss and a healthier lifestyle in the privacy of my home
  • Headache and migraine free so far since working from home  
  • I am staying healthier 

--Cathy Ann Nichols, purchasing card specialist, Financial Services


Having a roll-up door is the best place to work on a beautiful spring day.

--John Neilson, senior project manager, Facilities Management (right)



My work from home advice is to find creative ways to get exercise. Use your lunch break to walk your dog if the weather is nice. Watch UREC Instagram workout videos. Unplug after 5 p.m. because it can be difficult to set work/home boundaries. Take 15 min breaks to pet your animals.
--Katie Turner, digital content developer and analyst, Business Services (left)



My tips are pretty common. Keep your morning routine and make sure to move your body throughout the day! 
-- Rachel Pierson-Bonin, HR consultant, Human Resources (right)






My home office.
--Josh Parker, BIM manager Facilities Management (left)





The most crucial part of this set up (besides the dual screens) is 100% the light-up unicorn.
--Jordan Estabrook, communications assistant, Business Affairs Communications (right)





Dueling Laptops: Combining work laptop and home laptop to create the real estate to get things done!
--Rich Steele, associate vice chancellor, Business Services (left)




My new coworker likes to sleep a lot.
--Caitlin Mauk, communications specialist, Business Affairs Communications (right)







 -- The home office of Ashley Sisco, facility planner, FM Design Services (left).