Challenges faced by internal auditors

March 30, 2017

Internal audit is a fascinating and dynamic profession, but it does not come without challenges. Some of the challenges are an appealing part of the job.

“One example is the challenge that comes with learning about a new area each time we perform a different engagement, which usually last eight to 12 weeks,” said internal auditor Julie Earls. “Our work takes us all over campus, and we jump from athletics to research to business operations to student services and more. It is difficult to learn enough about each area to audit it well, but it is usually a very enjoyable process. We rely heavily on campus partners, or clients, to help us understand their area. They are the subject matter experts, so we try to learn as much as possible from them in the short time we have with them.”

Being aware of emerging risks and trends in the profession, as well as learning about current data analysis and other audit techniques, are challenges.

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