University welcomes new employees

October 24, 2016

UNC Charlotte welcomed the following staff members during the Oct. 18-19 New Employee Orientation session:

Athletic Academic Center
Ashleigh Smith, assistant director and tutor

Atkins Library
Analiz Laracuente-Espinal, administrative support associate

Belk College of Business
Samantha Baranowski, marketing and communications manager

Building Environmental Services
Faustin Kalonji, building environmental technician
Linda Roberts, building environmental technician

Lakisha Rios, administrative support associate

Employee Relations
Adeleen Ashley, human resources consultant

Christina Kopitopoulou, university program manager

Facilities Design Services
Donald Janus III, mechanical engineer

Facilities Operations
William Crocker, mechanical trades technician

Housing and Residence Life
Joseph Russo Jr., facilities management technician for building trades

International Programs
Rachel Ladenheim, coordinator for student and program success

Popp Martin Student Union
Harrison Wells, building environmental technician

Real Estate and Space Management 
Linda Haywood, administrative assistant

Teacher Education, Advising and Licensure
Kevin Bailey, academic advisor

NEO Participants from the October 18, 2016, session.

Photo: Rachel Ladenheim (front row, left to right), Analiz Laracuente-Espinal, Lakisha Rios, Linda Roberts, Joseph Russo Jr., Ashleigh Smith and Harrison Wells; Adeleen Ashley (back row, left to right), Kevin Bailey, Samantha Baranowski, William Crocker, Linda Haywood, Donald Janus III, Faustin Kalonji and Christina Kopitopoulou.

New Employee Orientation, coordinated by the Human Resources Department, is a two-day program offered twice each month for new, permanent SHRA and EHRA employees. For more information, visit the learning and organizational development website.