University welcomes new employees

August 10, 2016

UNC Charlotte welcomed the following staff members during the Aug. 9-10 New Employee Orientation session:

Assessment and Accreditation
Elise Demeter, senior assessment research analyst

Shohn Doty, assistant baseball coach

Chancellor’s Office
Kim Bradley, chief of staff

College of Health and Human Services
Jennifer Christenbury, administrative support associate

Counseling Center
Jarice Carr, intern
Negar Nazari, intern
Kathryn Pesch, intern
Daniela Recabarren, staff psychologist

Dean of Students Office
Cheryl Craft, administrative support specialist

Disability Services
Jennifer Sullivan-Golubich, administrative support associate

Enrollment Management
Kathryn Ramstack, university program specialist

Facilities (Informal Projects)
Ashley Sisco, facility planner

Financial Aid Operations
Kelleigh Middleton, student services specialist

Health Services
Tiffani Saffell, professional nurse

Honors College
Cherese Childers-McKee

Leslie Aaron, locksmith

Parking and Transportation Services
Laura Johnson, vehicle equipment operator
Karon Rankin, vehicle equipment operator

Teacher Education, Advising and Licensure
Elizabeth Adkisson, academic advisor

Title IX Office
Jennifer Newell, title IX coordinator

Undergraduate Admissions
Jami Dawkins, student services specialist

University Advising Center
Sarah Minslow, academic advisor
SaDonna Smith, academic advisor

Undergraduate Programs
Levi Morgan, student services specialist

University Career Center
Nancy Policastro, administrative support associate

New Employee Orientation, coordinated by the Human Resources Department, is a two-day program offered twice each month for new, permanent SHRA and EHRA employees. For more information, visit the learning and organizational development website.

New employees welcomed during August 9-10 orientation

Nancy Policastro (front row, left to right), Kathryn Ramstack, Karon Rankin,  Daniela Recabarren, Tiffani Saffell, Ashley Sisco, SaDonna Smith, and Jennifer Sullivan-Golubich; Shohn Doty (middle row, left to right), Laura Johnson, Kelleigh Middleton, Sarah Minslow, Levi Morgan, Nara Nazari, Jennifer Newell, and Kathryn Pesch; Leslie Aaron (back row, left to right), Elizabeth Adkisson, Kim Bradley, Jarice Carr, Cherese Childers-McKee, Jennifer Christenbury, Cheryl Craft, Jami Dawkins, and Elise Demeter.