University welcomes new employees

July 26, 2016

UNC Charlotte welcomed the following staff members during the July 26-27 New Employee Orientation session:

Cameron George, University program associate

Building Environmental Services
Eric Fugate, floor maintenance assistant

Lisa Hall, accountant

Ali Dubois, leadership gift officer

Events and Special Projects
Tasha Hamilton, administrative support associate

Financial Aid Operations
Walter Anderson, business and technical applications analyst

ITS Client Services
Keith Salters, technology support analyst
Joshua Willis, technology support analyst

Parking and Transportation
Stephanie Sanchez, administrative support associate

Police and Public Safety
Michael Hahn, police officer
Laticia Harris, public safety telecommunicator

Recreational Services
Robert Bell, associate director

University Advising Center
George Dellinger, academic advisor

University Center
Audrey Sanders, building environmental associate

New Employee Orientation, coordinated by the Human Resources Department, is a two-day program offered twice each month for new, permanent SHRA and EHRA employees. For more information, visit the learning and organizational development website.

New employees during June 26 orientation session

Lisa Hall (front row, left to right), Tasha Hamilton, Laticia Harris, Keith Salters, Stephanie Sanchez, Audrey Sanders and Joshua Willis; Walter Anderson (back row, left to right), Robert Bell, George Dellinger, Ali Dubois, Eric Fugate, Cameron George and Michael Hahn.