Business Services

Business Services – as the name suggests – provides necessary products and services to the entire UNC Charlotte community (students, faculty and staff, their families and visitors). Examples include providing a properly stocked bookstore, printers and copiers in key locations and dining venues that meet nutritional needs and accommodate a wide range of tastes and schedules. Other services essential and expected on a modern university campus include orderly parking, reliable mail delivery, a multi-function ID Card system, convenient ATM stations and liberally distributed beverage and snack vending machines. UNC Charlotte Business Services consists of contractor managed “auxiliary services” such as Campus Dining Service and Meal Plans, Vending, Campus Bookstore, Reprographics and Trademarks and Licensing. Other areas of responsibility include the 49er ID card, Parking and Transportation Services, Appeals and Mail Services, all of which are university operated. Business Services is charged with the task of providing these goods and services and the personnel and expertise they require within a sound business environment. In so doing, Business Services supports the University’s educational mission and enhances campus life.When attending to the business of providing products and services for UNC Charlotte, cost-effectiveness is a requisite, highest available quality the expectation and excellent customer service is our duty.

Business Services Org Chart


Business Services Key Contacts

Name Position Phone Email
Keith Wassum Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Services 704-687-5747
Cleo Wilkerson Executive Assistant 704-687-5747
Ana Alvarez Director of Auxiliary Services 704-687-7343
LouAnn Lamb Marketing Director 704-687-7335
Douglas Lape Director of Parking & Transportation Services 704-687-0162
Horace Lytch Mail Services Manager 704-687-3037
Gabe Gerber Business Systems Analyst 704-687-0150
Becky Warren Business Officer 704-687-7347
Rick Torres Reprographics and Vending Manager 704-687-7341
Greg McCambridge Bookstore and Licensing Manager 704-687-7683